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Raising the Bar for the Drum Horse Breed While Offering Some of the Finest in the World. 


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Gypsy Vanner Stallion Standing at Stud 2015!
Rosewater Cassidy Sid of Chestnut Oak

Drum Horses Currently For Sale at COF 
For Sale at Chestnut Oak Farm

2 story brick farm house with attached 2 car garageWelcome to Chestnut Oak Farm! We are a family owned and operated facility that specializes in breeding top quality Drum Horses for performance, personality, and presence. We breed, show, and promote this versatile horse and have what it takes to develop the very best of the breed!

We are located in the beautiful countryside of Beaver Springs in central Pennsylvania, just an hour north of Harrisburg.

Using carefully selected registered Shire mares, we are breeding them to our superb and extremely athletic Gypsy Vanner stallion, Rosewater Cassidy Sid, grandson to the legendary Gypsy stallion, The Bishop, to create the ultimate Drum Horse. While truly believing in quality, not quantity, our foals are raised in a hands-on, caring environment, and handled daily. Each foal is imprinted at birth and receives the appropriate training per age level, giving it a solid foundation from the very beginning. From superior athlete to backyard friend, our horses are suitable for a variety of disciplines, possessing exceptional athletic ability and conformation, along with wonderful dispositions and beauty. 

We offer quality young stock for sale each year so be sure to check out our For Sale page to see what we have available!

Our beautiful Gypsy Vanner stallion Rosewater Cassidy "Sid" is highly athletic and training in Dressage! He is always in the blue at the shows he attends. Check out our Stallions page to find out more information this amazing stallion!

We have added another young Gypsy Vanner stallion to our breeding program.  He is a Solid Silver Buckskin with Red gene, and will offer extraordinary color to our upcoming foals. Be sure to check out Sir Royal Rio Grande on our Stallions page. 


Owned by Scott & Wendy Rager and established in 2002, Chestnut Oak Farm is a former dairy farm that was owned and operated by our grandparents. It has been in our family for 65 years! Dedicated dairy farmers, our grandparents gave each of their animals the highest quality care and respect, believing in hard work and possessing great values. We are proud to carry on that tradition by using those same values in our high quality horse breeding program.

The large 1840's bank barn is being renovated into an 11 stall horse barn complete with three spacious birthing stalls, two feed rooms, large tack room, and a heated lounge/office. Modern windows have been added to allow for natural lighting and proper ventilation. Restoration of the old barn and surrounding facilities has been a family affair, with most of the work being done by Scott himself.

In 2002, we discovered the amazing breed of Gypsy and Drum Horses while looking through a magazine. It was love at first sight and after careful planning and research we've entered into our own breeding program and are dedicated to raising Drum Horses of the highest quality.  

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